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Purchase of credits for civil servants and grouping of credits

The status of civil servant reassures banking organizations and allows us to very easily unblock offers to buy back attractive and efficient credits. Discover our offers to buy back credits for civil servants.

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Purchase of credits for civil servants and similar civil servants

Purchase of credits for civil servants and similar civil servants

The credit consolidation organizations with which we work, as a loan repurchase broker, appreciate the “security” of employment of public service employees, civil servants and similar civil servants. Indeed, for these organizations, it is the guarantee of a regular and constant income without risk of interruption.

However, it is not because we are civil servants that we have purchasing power above the average of the people. Car loan, home loan, revolving loans, decline in retirement income, debts, etc. Civil servants are subject, like all other taxpayers, to the vagaries of the economic crisis.

Thus, whether you are a permanent civil servant, public sector agents or trainee (under certain guarantees), contractual (under certain guarantees) or similar civil servant, senior, owner or tenant, you can quickly benefit from a loan consolidation offer:

  • Consolidation of home loans.
  • Redemption of consumer loans with a guarantee on the property.
  • Purchase of consumer credit.

Repurchase of credit for official owner

Repurchase of credit for official owner

A credit for a civil servant owner is always granted very easily, from where a more tense situation, often larger loan amounts, a high debt ratio. You should never forget that before making a loan you must always check its repayment capacity. You made your mortgage with your bank at a very interesting interest rate and over a long period and you do not want in any case repayment of this loan. Besides, you have too easily given in to all these credits which seem attractive, but where the rates are not as advantageous. You are in such a financial situation that even the deposit banks do not want to buy back credit. 

A credit repurchase file for the official owner can be financed in the following way:

  • With the grouping of all revolving credits plus the redemption of consumer credits plus the bank overdraft, to which we add cash if you need it, on the other hand the car credit can be kept (to be seen on a case by case basis). This loan repurchase for the civil servant owner can have a loan duration up to 15 years. The mortgage is left to your charge insofar as your debt ratio after having grouped your credits and your remainder to live correspond to the criteria from our banking partners.
  • Depending on the file, it is possible that a total redemption of all your credits is necessary. The mortgage is then included in the new credit consolidation. This new loan consolidation for official homeowners can have a maximum duration of 35 years. A mortgage guarantee is taken on the property.

If during the credit buyout simulation it turns out that your file is out of the ordinary, we will tell you immediately.

What are the advantages for a civil servant owner to combine his credits?

  • The purchase of consumer credit allows you to keep your mortgage with your bank.
  • Loan consolidation allows for lower monthly repayments.
  • For a public servant owner, the loan repurchase gives you the possibility of having more flexibility in your projects.
  • The borrower has the option to finance in a new real estate investment.

Credit repurchase for the official tenant

Credit repurchase for the official tenant

The repurchase of credits is not reserved only for the borrowers owners, the tenants civil servants can also make regroup their their loans in only one and of this fact having only one monthly payment. We all have a different personal and family situation: married, civil union, cohabiting partner, divorced, widowed, single, or single parent. Each has its own credit buyback operation. Whether the tenant borrower is a civil servant or salaried employee or retired, you all need a loan. Your personal situation and your financial situation will determine what types of credit consolidation you can benefit from.

The repurchase of loans for an official tenant presents certain conditions:

  • The total amount of the credit combination can be up to $ 100,000.
  • The maximum duration is 12 years.
  • The end of loan age is 84 years and 6 months.
  • The loans bought back are: revolving loans – consumer loans – bank overdrafts – rent delays – tax delays.

What are the benefits of buying loans for the tenant official?

  • The fact of consolidating its credits makes it possible to reduce its reimbursements.
  • The borrower can finance his mortgage with his bank thanks to a lower debt ratio.
  • The repurchase of credit for tenant civil servant makes it possible to have only one loan, only one monthly payment and an optimized management of account.
  • Your projects can be funded with an amount of cash included in the buyout.

Make a credit buyback simulation and check your repayment capacity.



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